Porter (Little and Big) from the Garden

Hiking during early May in the Adirondacks is a gamble ... it could be bright and sunny and in the mid 70s, cold and snowy in the upper 20s/lower 30s, or somewhere in between.  We ended up with the in between, but that didn't stop Mark and I from having a great day! We met …

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Table Mountain

We may be a pair of April Fools, but Mark and I decided to forego the fresh snowfall in the Adirondacks, and headed south into the Catskills for a day on Table Mountain.  Originally, we planned to hit both Table and Peekamoose, but we decided to cut out the Peekamoose in favor of heading back …

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For the longest time I was convinced that I wanted nothing to do with Winter hiking ... or anything else related to outdoors and cold.  Thankfully, I'm able to admit when I'm wrong -- even though Winter hiking presents some new requirements/challenges, it's still a lot of fun. My biggest barrier to getting started was …

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