Thomas Mountain (Geekend 2017)

Our 3rd annual Geekend hike was up Thomas Mountain in Bolton Landing, NY.  This is the second time I’ve been up Thomas (the first time was with the family), but that didn’t take anything away from the trip.  With 7 guys, this year’s Geekend outing was our largest yet!

The original plan was to hike up to the cabin through the woods following the blue trail; however when we reached the junction where the blue trail started, there was a sign saying the trail was closed, and that violators would be prosecuted.  We weren’t interested in any potential troubles, so we just continued up the old log road to the top of the mountain.  The last time I was on Thomas, I took the road down — going up is a bit more difficult, but nothing the guys couldn’t handle.  Plus, with Adam rocking out theme music for the hike, spirits remained high and fun was had (even through a few stints of heavy breathing).

Once we reached the summit, we were able to drop the packs, eat some sandwiches, and drink some cold ones.  As usual, the cabin is a fantastic bonus to the views of Lake George that Thomas affords its visitors.  The sky was a bit overcast, but it was clear enough to appreciate the miles and miles of rolling hills/mountains in the Lake George region.

We hung out and chatted with a lot of different visitors while we lounged about and enjoyed the day.  We even brought The Gourd with us to the top of the mountain …

All Hail The Gourd!

Once we had spent a little more than an hour on top, we decided to get our packs back on and start our walk back to the car.  It was at this point that one of the NYS Rangers showed up to check on the place – apparently a lot of people party hard and leave a mess at the cabin, so the Rangers check out the area regularly.  With a Ranger on hand, we asked what was going on with the closed blue trail.  While he wasn’t 100% sure why the sign was there, he thought that maybe it was related to some of the trail re-routing that was going on since NYS acquired the land.  Either way, he indicated that we would be perfectly fine hiking out on that trail instead of back down the log road.

I was grateful for the Ranger’s “OK” because I wanted to show the cliff lookout to the guys and the blue trail was the only way to get there.  We headed out from the cabin and made the ~1 mile trek to where the trail splits to visit the lookout.  We spent a few minutes taking in the views, chatting, and listening to some sort of insect boring throughout a fallen log.

We started to feel a few drops of rain, and ultimately, it was time to get back to the Geekend house to get some drinks and play some games!  We made our way down through the woods following the blue trail all the way back to the junction with the log road.  It was a nice and easy walk out back to the cars.

I’m glad to see that the annual Geekend Hike is growing every year – in participation as well as length.  Who knows what Geekend 2018 will bring!?

Distance: 3.62 miles
Time: 3:52:55
Height: 1,980′ (Thomas)
Party: Jay, Mark, Adam, Matt, Chris, Kevin, Phil


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